Laser sensor

ESM series
Small dot of light | High-precision | Analog output
BSM series
The ultra-high definition Chinese display is built, breaking the limit that traditional models can only read 7 paragraphs of characters. From setting to maintenance, any operation can be carried out simply without referring to the manual.
Chinese display screen | high precision | analog output
ES201-ZB series
It is not easy to be affected by the color change of the detected object, and can detect heterochromatic objects at almost the same distance
Small facula | BGS function | High accuracy
HLM series
Resolution 0.5 μ M high precision measurement, 4 detection ranges, and multiple types of switching value, analog value, RS485 and RS422 are equipped.
High resolution | 4 detection ranges | multiple detection ranges
ES201-200 series
Ultra small light spot: the result is light and handy. The laser light spot diameter is 1 * 2mm, which can accurately detect small objects.
Complete specifications: Diffuse reflection type, specular reflection type and opposite reflection type. Three types of detection are available to meet various detection requirements.
Sensitivity and normally open and normally closed can be adjusted: sensitivity can be adjusted through the knob, and normally open and normally closed can be switched through model selection to meet the output of various detection states.
Ultra small facula | High speed response | Complete specifications
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