Development Path

Development Path

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With the development of industrial automation, Huayifeng continues to develop new and unique products to the increasingly advanced sensor and measurement technology.
The market demand has responded accordingly. Sales of new products have consistently accounted for 30% of total sales, which is exactly what
Hua Yifeng's ability to develop new products and respond quickly to market demand.
    Wide range of products
    From photoelectric sensors and proximity sensors to measuring instruments for inspection and high-precision equipment for research institutes, Huayifeng's products cover a wide range of products.
Our customers are in all walks of life and a large number of customers are using our products. Users only need to choose the right Huayifeng products for specific applications.
It is possible to install high quality, high performance automated production lines
    Unparalleled sales team
    Hua Yifeng's sales engineers, they are all well trained. From design, R&D to production line and follow-up work, to meet customers at every level of business
On the demand, this is Hua Yifeng's corporate philosophy. Our professional technical sales engineers are very good at solving problems, they can use existing products to mention
For practical solutions or to propose new, viable solutions.