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The Tsuen Wan staff team's comfort trip ended successfully!

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In order to strengthen the cohesiveness of the company team, let everyone relax in the work and release the pressure in the intense work, Shenzhen Huayifeng Technology Co., Ltd. launched a team trip from August 9th to 10th, 2018.
       The event will be held in Tsuen Wan with the reputation of “Tianci Baisha Dike”. The main purpose of the event is to enrich the staff's cultural and recreational activities, improve the physical fitness of employees, create a healthy and up-to-date cultural atmosphere, continuously enhance the cohesiveness of the company's team, and strengthen the relationship between employees. Communication.
       At 12 noon on August 9, the company colleagues had already arrived at the gathering place.
At 12:30, start with a beautiful mood on time, and prepare for a two-day tour!
I arrived in Tsuen Wan at 14:05 in the afternoon.
The first stop hotel stayed, waiting for the room allocation, everyone was happy to discuss the two-day itinerary
From the hotel you can see the sea view in the distance
After a little rest, everyone went through the sea without the temptation of the sea.
After the sun goes down, the lively barbecue begins.
Delicious barbecue with beer and karaoke, everyone has a good time
Late at night, everyone returned to the hotel in an orderly manner, preparing for a beautiful sleep, ready for the next day of freedom!
Early in the morning of the next day, our love song prince, just downstairs in the hotel, bounced off my beloved guitar and summoned everyone to start a new day and be free.
       The team activities ended in a beautiful sunset. The event not only made the whole staff feel the sunshine, the beach, but also made the employees feel the importance of cooperation and communication. Away from the city and work, a short "rest", release the pressure, let the mind relax in nature, and meet more opportunities and challenges with a better spirit.