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Passion blooms, you have a contract with you - the staff badminton friendship exchange ended successfully

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In order to further enrich the staff's amateur cultural life, build an interactive platform for employees to create a harmonious corporate culture. Recently, the Silicon Valley Power Low Carbon Industrial Federation launched the second staff badminton competition, and Hua Yifeng athletes participated in the competition.
        In the competition, the players followed the principle of friendship first and competition second, united, struggled hard, and flexibly used various tactics to fully demonstrate the extraordinary skills of the participating players. The match was intense and the game was wonderful. On the court, the staff of the sportswear has become a dynamic athlete, showing the style, and the ball skills such as high ball, smashing, killing, and lobbing are displayed to the fullest. Under the stadium, everyone is diligent. The cheerleaders, cheers, cheers, cheers come and go.